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PHOBE - The Xenophobic Experiment


When a deadly military experiment goes wrong, SGT. Gregory Dapp is called in to recover it.

The Xenophobic Experiment is a newly created life-form that has been designed for war. These ultimate fighting soldiers brought victory on the Planet Mondora. One the war had ended, there was no longer a place for them on Mondora. Soon they would be banished to another planet that became a prison for these creatures.

Long since forgotten, PHOBE'S began showing up, terrorizing the cities of Mondora. A special task force was created to seek out and destroy or capture these PHOBE'S.



Early Beginnings of PHOBE:

Phobe originally started out as a College assignment back in 1989. The short film was shot on super 8mm and was about 6 minutes in length. It mostly consisted of Sgt. Dapp hunting small versions of phobe who had escaped and were running through a building (the college).
From the beginning, a new movie concept was formed.  I always loved the Sgt. Dapp character. The inspiration for the story came from a combination of "Terminator", "Alien" and "Predator".
The first full script of Phobe was a Horror/Sci-Fi film. This was to be shot in 16mm and blown up to 35mm for theatrical release. At the time, the proposed budget was just under 500,000k. When an investor took a different direction the project was paused. A few years later in 1993 the opportunity arose in which Phobe could be produced.  Being that the film would air on the community channel, a new version was needed. Phobe would become more of a Sci-Fi genre instead of a horror.  Sci-Fi was always the intended goal of the film, but when trying to sell the film and make a profit, Horror films would be a better revenue generator.
Using parts of the original script, I wrote a new version of Phobe that I would be able to produce with very limited resources and budget.  Not how I wanted the original film, but at least the movie was going to be made.  I did included in the script a few challenging special effects scenes (a couple that couldn't be completed).  Unlike big Hollywood productions that had departments to work on sections of the movie, we just had a small handful of volunteers.  I'm sure any indy film maker can appreciate this.

The project was given the approval to be made and off I went to make my movie.

The production was a tremendous undertaking considering the cast and crew were made up of volunteers from the Niagara Region. The project began shooting in 1994 and took a year to complete. The number of hours that went into this "Feature Film" style shoot was astronomical. The entire production was done with the passion and style of a real Hollywood Production.  The overall budget came in around $250.00 not counting for the gear from MacLean Hunter.  If you included the gear and editing time we used I would peg the budget around the $5000.00 - 10,000.00 range (we did not have to pay for).  The movie was shot on mostly 1 camera - a Betacam Sp.  On occasion we would use a 2 camera set up when there was enough crew to operate both.


Here are a few concept art pics I made. I have to admit I'm no James Cameron when it comes to drawing my Characters.

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