Sound editing over half done.

Well I’ve been working on the sound editing for several weeks now.  Mostly in my spare time when I can.  I’m really like the way it’s sounding now.  I wish I had final cut to do my editing back in the day.  Oh how times have changed.  I think right now I’m running around 30 channels of audio.  In the original edit I would have had up to 4 with the A/B editor.  With a couple of mix downs which added a couple more channels.  Plus of course the level of control I have editing on the computer means I can bg9oost individual pieces of dialog that are low and even take out a lot of pops and clicks.  In some cases I’ve take out the original audio and replaced the whole background back in.  Including things like footsteps, wind, traffic and background hums.

I can’t wait to watch the finished movie with the enhanced audio now.  I’m getting really excited.

Phobe sound edit