Phobe is done it’s colour and correction.

The first round of Re-master Phobe is done.  The movie is now colour corrected along with black levels and noise/chroma as best as possible (Thanks Bryan!).  I’ve also started to work on audio editing.  I’ve completed the first 2 scenes in with enhanced background sound effects.  I’m trying to create a richer and more full sound.  At the time I made the movie, adding in layers of sound effects were quite difficult and time consuming.  We just were not set up to produce movies at McLean Hunter.  I esencially had to use what’s called A/B rolling.  I created 2 dubs of the movie which gave me 4 channels of audio to work with.  This was then mixed down to 2 channels of audio.  In the final mix of A/B Rolling, I had dialog on Channel 1  while I mixed 4 channels of sound effects and music down to Channel 2.  Not the best setup but it kind of worked at the time.

Now using Final Cut Pro with so many channels of audio, it’s like a dream come true!

I have also completed a quick fun movie trailer that I will most likely put on Youtube in the next week or so.

Phobe poster ver3 copy