Original Script Scene 1

Original Script Scene 1 - Omitted.

This was scene 1 in the original script. It's concept was much like Return of the Jedi in the use of 'speeder bikes', not wanting to get sued by Lucas, here I called them skidders.

I wanted to create an intense Special Effects scene with models and blue screens.  Although sever test were done including some blue screen work, ultimately this scene was never completed. There just wasn't the budget or time to do this scene.

Now missing an opening scene, I had to write something in that could be used.  The first scene also helped to explore Sgt. Dapp's character and the loss of a fellow team mate.  The scene also was used as  flashback footage, I wrote in the small battle that is the opening that we see in the movie.

Of course I had envisioned a lot more soldier than just 3 people.  I wanted lot's of explosions everywhere.  I don't remember but exactly but each one of those explosions were real that we had to purchase (didn't have aftereffects with pre-made explosions).  Needless to say they ate up the budget very quickly.  The other challenge was getting actors and costumes for all of them proved difficult with no real budget.  This one one of the last scenes we ended up shooting. You can tell by the fact that all the leaves are gone now.  Continuing in filming was a big undertaking as well.  We shot the movie over the period of 8 months approx.  Luckily we had people to cut our main actor's hair to match as best as possible for each shoot.

The nice part was the few costumes we did get were supplied free of charge by a Army Surplus store that was in St. Catharines at the time.  Sgt. Dapp's gun was also loaned to us for an extended duration of shooting.  I'm sure most can tell but it was just a paint ball gun.  We ended up shooting a scene at the surplus shop also.




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