Nostalgic or cheesy?

Well this is a question that is not easily answered.

Phobe hanger

On one hand yes, the original shot in the movie is very cheese.  At the time this was all that I could do given the very limited resources and time.  In my mind I wanted to create a model of the hanger and shoot it much like Star Wars was done.  When there is no model building department and it’s pretty much just one person doing the special effects (post production), it can prove difficult.  The other factor of course like many “Studio” productions is I did have a certain time frame.  The movie did take almost a year to complete, but if I started building models and props, I’m sure the production would have taken even longer.

So with the Re-Release of PHOBE, how much do I try and fix?  When is fixing taking away from what made the movie “fun”.   This is one of those shots I would love to redo.  Given today’s technology it can be achieved in such a short time and still made to look “retro”.

If nothing else I would make sure that both version will be available.  One with just a cleaned up picture and audio, the second “Director’s Cut” with some new special effects and scenes.