Glory Days…

So after the wirlwind of this weekend I can’t help but sit here and listen to Bruce Springsteen’s Glory Days.  It’s been 21 years since I made the “Huge Hit cult classic” movie PHOBE.  Yes I had to use those words because it’s my website and I kinda like my movie.

DVD comentary

Anyways, this weekend we spent working on the DVD extra’s for the upcoming release of Phobe on DVD.  Getting the crew together after all these years was amazing.  It’s if not a single day went by.  I think they are all ready to make Phobe II now!  lol, well anything is possible.  One of the biggest things I think I can take away from this weekend is when asked, how did you manage to make this movie back in those days of no YouTube or laptops with editors and everyone owns a video camera of some kind – I said, “you just have to ask”.  I went to the cable station of the day and asked if I could make my movie,  they said “yes”.

I had a great time this weekend and I want to thank all those who were involved.