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  • Playing with T-Shirt Designs…

    So I’ve been playing with a couple more different T-shirt designs.  Which one do you like? You can leave a comment here or on Twitter. @Phobe_Lives...

  • Gotta have a T-Shirt

    So sitting here reflecting on things that have happened over the past few months I felt like something was missing.  Then it hit me, T-Shirts!  I made this fun design quickly, what do you think?   It’s simply, I play with a few more designs.  The Cartoon Phobe was made by a fan, Andrew Barr.  […]...

  • is launched!

    Well, the site is pretty much ready now.  There’s a few glitches that I’m trying to figure out.  A couple of the buttons suddenly stopped working.  I’ve never build a web site before, so I’m really green at this.  I must admit it’s a lot of fun.  I have to Thank Nick for helping me […]...

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