Behind the scenes extras


Here is an interactive map of the various shooting locations used for the making of PHOBE.  There are a few missing, as they were peoples houses.

A screen shot of final cut pro while editing the remaster for 2016

Here's a few gems I found from production.  Can't believe I still have all my notes from shooting the movie. I'll bet I could re create any scene again.

Shooting script from the Tim and Jerry scene. That scene took up way too many pages in the script.

Break down of scenes

Floor plan with lighting and levels.  The numbers next to the lights is the Rosco Gel number I used during production.

Location: Old Maclean Hunter Studio building - Lunch room.

Directors Floor Plan with Pyro locations

Location: Maclean Hunter Studio - Studio Door entrance.

Original Script Scene 1

Sgt. Dapp

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