Welcome to PHOBE. For those that don't know, Phobe is a movie that was created in 1994 with the help of volunteers. The entire movie was made in the Niagara Region and spanned about 8 months of shooting followed by several months editing.

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The Xenophobic experiment is a 1½ long science fiction thriller produced in Niagara by a small handful of rebel film makers (volunteers) Sgt. Gregory Dapp is called in to recover a deadly military experiment that has escaped and is fleeing their planet. The PHOBE is a new life form created by the military on the planet Mondora as the ultimate fighting soldier. Sgt. Dapp tracks the PHOBE to a small planet called Earth. There he comes across Jennifer, a beautiful High School Cheerleader who accidentally stumbles upon the PHOBE’S egg. Unaware of what the object is, she takes it so the high school Professor can have a closer look at it. Jennifer is now caught up in the small war between two aliens. Together Sgt. Dapp and Jennifer must stop the Phobe and destroy the egg within 72 hours


PHOBE The Xenophobic Experiment

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This movie was my next project after Phobe.

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